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League of Legends Player & Match Statistics

viemmsakh on North America

viemmsakh lost an ARAM 5v5 game 2 years ago
9/12/17, 2.2 KD, 2.2 KDA, 25 minions killed, 9.7k gold playing as Amumu
Sunfire Cape Guardian's Horn Locket of the Iron Solari Mercury's Treads Amplifying Tome
viemmsakh won an ARAM 5v5 game 2 years ago
13/4/16, 7.3 KD, 7.3 KDA, 76 minions killed, 12.9k gold playing as Fiddlesticks
Athene's Unholy Grail Zhonya's Hourglass Rabadon's Deathcap Amplifying Tome Sorcerer's Shoes Ruby Crystal
viemmsakh lost a normal 5v5 game 2 years ago
6/8/20, 3.3 KD, 3.3 KDA, 142 minions killed, 11.0k gold playing as Warwick
Spirit of the Ancient Golem Blade of the Ruined King Berserker's Greaves Frozen Mallet Vampiric Scepter
viemmsakh won a ranked solo game 2 years ago
4/4/17, 5.3 KD, 5.3 KDA, 26 minions killed, 9.0k gold playing as Taric
Nomad's Medallion Mikael's Crucible Stealth Ward Aegis of the Legion Mercury's Treads
viemmsakh lost a dominion game 3 years ago
4/2/8, 6.0 KD, 6.0 KDA, 0 minions killed, 10.3k gold playing as Janna
Boots of Swiftness Hextech Sweeper Twin Shadows Lich Bane Nomad's Medallion Kindlegem