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Last post posted on: 11/7/2013 04:13:57 AM

Posted on 3/8/2012 11:37:02 PM. 0 Comments

- The application starts up minimized.
- LolMatches client version is checked with the server for consistency of data.
- Match data is sent to the server now in unicode other than ASCII to prevent the loss of non-ASCII characters.
- Client will retry sending match data every 5 minutes if they fail to be sent.

Posted on 3/5/2012 09:32:37 PM. 0 Comments

Normal ELO should show up on players' profiles who have played normal games recently.

Posted on 3/5/2012 07:57:17 PM. 0 Comments

Player stats for each match should show the names of the killing sprees and multi kills other than just numbers for example:
Largest Killing Spree: 4 - Rampage
Largest Multi Kill: 5 - Penta Kill

Posted on 3/4/2012 08:17:12 PM. 0 Comments

I forgot to include queue types in the data sent to the server so it should be included in the new version.

Posted on 3/4/2012 04:38:47 AM. 0 Comments

Download the client and keep it running and it will automatically upload your match stats once you play a game, make sure you run the client before you start the game.

Posted on 2/19/2012 04:41:46 PM. 0 Comments

While working on the new LolMatches Client/Server framework I decided to make some changes to the website.
- URLs should appear in a neater form, ie: lolmatches.com/player/na/summoner instead of player.php?server=na&name=summoner
- Match entry styles have been changed around a little.
- Champion stats and player champion stats pages should show green for positive ratios and red for negative ratios. I also added "KD Ratio" next to "KDA Ratio" so it can please your needs.

Posted on 2/10/2012 12:27:38 PM. 0 Comments

I've successfully been able to find a method to grab match stats. I'm working on the application currently and hopefully I'll be able to release it soon.

Posted on 1/16/2012 02:57:12 PM. 0 Comments

Since the last update there has been no match data anymore in the log files. Until Riot decides to bring back the data OR I find some method around it there won't be any new matches showing up.
If you're wondering, I'll keep the website running.

Posted on 1/4/2012 04:26:49 AM. 0 Comments

You can now choose your preferred date format from the top right of the page. Your choice is remembered for a month. Default is the US format which is MM/DD/YYYY.

Posted on 12/31/2011 11:09:12 PM. 0 Comments

New version now starts up minimized. Nothing else really.
I also changed the match info page a little; I changed CS to Minion Kills/Neutral Monster Kills and also added a gold column.
There are also the social buttons I added on the left. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and also share cool matches you've played using the like and tweet buttons.